Haptonomy is about FEELING.

Feeling your body - on the inside and outside - emotions, and, for example, your boundaries.

Throughout the day, we continuously feel.

Not only do we feel ourselves; we feel other people and our surroundings.

All of this happens in a more conscious or subconscious way. 

Besides feeling, thinking and acting form an equally important part of everyday life.

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Listen to your body

Within the haptotherapy we let your body speak. Often we need to learn how to understand the body's signals again. By feeling we restore the balance.


Feel connected

This haptonomical pregnancy coaching in Amsterdam is all about connecting: with your body, each other and with the baby in your belly. Through feeling we prepare you for this life changing event.

From 20 weeks in the pregnancy onwards.

Feel balanced

Haptotherapy is for everyone who lost balance and wishes to feel good inside the body. Man, woman, young or old - to feel (or not to feel) is forever relevant.

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Get practical

You are looking for a pleasant haptotherapist in Amsterdam, but of course you'd like to know where to go, what the rates are and what your health insurance compensates.

Also, you need to know if you and me click. So get in touch! Haptotherapy is an experience.

Inspired by feeling

People and feeling have always had my interest. I pull my inspiration from connection, both in friendships as in my profession as a haptotherapist.

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