Feeling is part of every aspect of life. Therefore haptotherapy can help you with a wide range of themes.

In my haptonomy practice in Amsterdam I can help you with...

  • Stress or burn-out problems.

  • Self-development – the wish to grow; not knowing who you are or what you want.

  • Emotional complaints; learning to deal with fear (anxiety), sadness, anger (aggression) etc.

  • Learning to recognize feelings and how to express them in words and action.

  • Relationship issues; fear of commitment or abandonment; trouble with social interaction.

  • Not feeling well in general; depression; feelings of loneliness.

  • Physical tension problems, like headache, shoulder-, neck- and back complaints.

  • Trouble sleeping, difficulties with relaxing.

  • Concentration problems; quickly distracted; excessive thinking.

  • Processing trauma or loss; letting go.

  • Trouble setting boundaries; saying no; the wish to feel firmer.